Husband and I are friends with another nerdy couple. On occasion, they come over to our place and we play games together. Sometimes we provide the games, but more often than not, the other couple brings a board or card game with them to play when we’ve all tired of wandering around LA. The last time they visited, Husband and I provided the card game.

Illuminati – it’s a long game that is full of laughs even though it’s 20+ years old

I have many stories about Steve Jackson but the one pertinent to this post is:

Husband learned to  play Illuminati with Steve Jackson – the creator of this and many other games. Steve is a friend of a friend from the days we all spent in Austin. The decks we have are from 1995 and Husband got from Steve.

Here’s a peek at my first draw:

Going through the cards it’s clear some issues just never clear out of the pop culture zeitgeist. I present the cards for Bill and Hillary Clinton as evidence:

I think it’s especially funny when playing with people significantly younger than you are. It was soooooo much fun to explain some of the history of why the cards were even made. There is a Dan Quayle card! Imagine having to explain the horrible VP to people who barely remember who was president.

Here’s my favorite set up of the game:

Big Media controls science fiction fans and video games! Still part of the pop culture zeitgeist! I suggest reading up on the game to really understand how to play but, essentially, each player is an Illuminati faction and they control various groups for world domination.

Like D&D – it takes all day to play a proper game. Grab a deck, grab some trusted friends and deal the cards!

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