I really like playing games on my phone in the down times of the day – waiting in line, waiting for a call to start, making my lunch, etc.

One set of games has captured my attention for longer than any others.


The games are quick but slightly challenging – just enough to be a distraction but not pull your hair out.

Their first game – Dots – I was introduced to by a co-worker who was 100% absorbed by it. The original version of the game is the simplest of the three the company has available.

It’s a really simple game of connect the dots with an objective to meet the clock and collect. There are several modes you can upgrade to but I’ve only ever played the free version.

The next version of the game is slightly more complex and has an interesting paradigm to move you through levels. There are different “areas” you travel through. The areas add new features and blocks to the levels that increase the level of complexity to your play.

A few of the posters from areas in the game:

The main screen is much nicer than the original dots game. Here’s where I am in my progress:

Their latest iteration adds another level of complexity by giving you various “buddies” to help out. I really like this feature since its a progressive level of assistance over the course of your game. It’s awfully fun! The only thing I don’t like about the buddies is that they are required to finish each level – if they are a booster, it should be optional.

Take a look at a few of the screens from the game:

All of the games are really enjoyable. I switch between them depending on the level of attention I have at the moment.

Go take a look in your phone’s app store and go a them a try!




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