I drink waaaaaaaaay to much soda, Coca-Cola specifically. Yeah, I know it’s bad for you but most times tea or water just don’t do the job. I’m trying to cut down the amount I’m drinking so thought that making the soda more “special” might help with that.

Enter Galco’s!

The shop has a deli, beer, wine, but most importantly – an amazing selection of specialty sodas from around the world. The gentlman who runs the place is lovely and very helpful. He knows everything you can think to ask about every soda too!

Last weekend, Husband and I went in and picked a broad selection of sodas to try. Once I got home, I realized that most of my choices were some sort of ginger. Oops….

Below are a few of my choices 🙂

BIRTHDAY CAKE SODA?!?!? “Yes, please,” my brain said, but the taste buds were not as happy. It was great the first few sips and my mouth was quickly fatigued.

The ginger options I’ve tried so far have been a 50/50 yum and gross factor. The Jamaican Ginger Beer is awesome! It’s hot and spicy but only slightly sweet. The Belvoir Organic…. Eh. It was ok to drink but did not have a lot of bite and included an “earthy” aftertaste.

This is my favorite so far! Black Raspberry from hot lips – sweet and fruity without being “punchy.”




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