Many years ago, I was an audio engineer for a small anime company. I recorded all the actors giving their lines and set them up to play over the Japanese audio. What I learned in the studio was I enjoyed working with audio and pretty soon I found digital audio programs that allowed me to start generating music. I did a few pieces for some corporate videos and the music for a fashion show along with entries to a few music contest.

I let it go shortly after moving to Los Angeles, for many reasons but mostly because I was travelling almost 3 hours a day to and from work for the first year. I then started working at Disney and that job, essentially, took over my life for the next eight years. It’s not as sad as it sounds – I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED working there and worked my ass off to match my passion for entertainment.

In the last few years as music has become more and more highly produced as well as digitally created – everything from the instruments to even the singer’s sometimes, like Hatsuni Miku, and I’ve been inspired again.

I picked up a synthesizer a few weeks ago and have started mucking about with a few different audio production programs. We’ll see how it all goes.

I used to post my work on back in the but it’s been long abandoned since Acid has been owned by multiple companies over the years. I only have a few of my original songs on my computer and I had to pull them from very old back up CDs. If I can find a reasonable place to post them, I’ll update this post.

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