Many, many years ago a lovely little game came out called, Chrono Cross. It’s been so long that I barely remember playing it. The one piece that has stuck with me is the music and that is where Yasunori Mitsuda comes in. He is the composer of the fabulous music in the game. I listen to it often and have to say, the music in it is one of the most touching and enduring sound tracks I’ve ever heard. Even the “tense” battle music is not enough to rattle me.

I’ve mentioned that I have a horrible commute and this soundtrack is the only thing that helps me keep calm in the throws of my “why is everyone so dumb behind the wheel,” lamentations on the road. It’s very soothing music; my favorites are the main theme and the songs for the happy villages.

You might recognize some of his other music from Xenosaga, Bomberman, Mega Man Legends, or Super Smash Bros.

I highly recommend listening.

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