Adobe has a new desktop design tool for all of the social media people out there. It’s called Spark – and it is super simple to work with. I’ve had to make social graphics on the fly and sometimes it is a hassle with PhotoShop to get everything assembled and the correct size. I was using Canva for awhile but since the new gig, I haven’t had a reason make social graphics yet.

The app is free but with a Creative Cloud account you can remove the Adobe Spark branding that’s afixed to the images and other output. You can log in with Facebook or Twitter to use the app instead of an Adobe Cloud account. You’ll see this if you try to remove their brand…

paid account messaging with spark

I like that the web app presents you with a few options and you can narrow to the specific platform from there.

This app also allows you to create parallax scrolling web pages and videos for posting as well. I haven’t tried the video or web page features yet, but will update this post if I do.

spark creation options

You start your social posts with a saying:

spark add text to post

Choose an image & theme:

choose theme and image in spark

and post!!

There are a ton of options to customize the graphic with:












After fooling around with all the options, here’s what I finalized on:

shine from within

You can find the image to share on the Adobe Spark Site.

Below is the first image I tried

you are my sunshine

Be forewarned – I changed this to a header graphic online from an Instagram post and the setting for the Instagram image didn’t stick – I had to reset a lot of the parameters to redo it. I couldn’t get the same exact settings again but you can see the latest version on the Adobe Spark Site.



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