The Mr. is a long time Product Designer and artist so we have a TON of equipment for making things in various ways. One of those is a FormLabs 3D printer.

I sort of suck at 3D creation tools – despite my previous history as a sculptor (way back in college) – so I had the Mr. recreate one of my hand drawn designs in AutoDesk Inventor. BEHOLD:

I know – it’s a really simple shape but I could not get it out of my head. I’d been drawing similar shapes in my sketch book over and over – I realized after I perused a few of my old notebooks.

The shape alone would not be wearable so I had to come up with a way to wear it. I decide to make a necklace out of the shape. There were 2 versions. Version one with large chain:

Version 2 on a smaller chain:

I like the look of the smaller chain better but it still needs something…. I can’t decide what to add.

What do you think?

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