I have two Instagram accounts that I use to experiment with content and their algorithms. I started running a VPN on my phone after some of the big data breaches as an added layer of security for myself.

With the app update on September 18, 2017, I began to see errors when I tried to like images in one account. I thought it was a fluke, since I could like pictures in one of the two accounts. But after further testing, it became clear that the error pertains to a specific account and only when I have VPN turned on.

It is very interesting to me that one account has the error but my other account does not. I’m using one app on my phone where I’m logged in to both accounts.

I didn’t receive a notification that my account was dinged for any reason, just this pop up after liking a photo:

I submitted a support comment and the issue cleared for a day or two but the pop up showed up again pretty quickly. I’ve complained on Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram itself to no avail.

Do bots use VPN? Is that why I’m being blocked?

First world problem for sure, but when part of what you do for a living is social media – it makes a difference.


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