I don’t think I’ve eaten at Arby’s since I was in college. I liked their little meat and bread balls when I was kid too but never really frequented the establishment much.

Since college, the chain got associated with nerdom as a cheap and easy place to go eat fast food. I wish I knew the mechanics of how that happened but I was too busy being cool and working on the internet in it’s early days to get wrapped up in it.

Fast forward to the days of Facebook being the home for many brand campaigns and you get to the real genius of Arby’s social media marketing. They clearly know their audience and know how to make a connection with that audience.

They have many segments targeted by their content; they have posts for sports people, hunters, and military people. Since I’m a geek, those are the ones I’m going to show you. They got my attention with this ad targeting anime fans. Targeting old-ish school fans at that – Neon Genesis Evangelion is over 20 years old at this point.

Shinji and Arby's

If you get the reference, you understand the 50 shades of awesome that are shown in one picture.

For gamers, they have a few that are really cool but I like this Metroid video created using food wrappers:

Who else caters to fandom well on the internet?

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