My Roomba Is An Asshole 

No, really. I promise.

You’ve seen the poo smearing Roomba, and mine isn’t that bad but he really likes to eat various objects around our place.

My headphones end up on the floor, pulled out of my computer with the wired sucked up in the little robot’s rollers. The Mr.’s bike gets knocked over every day. The bike, once tipped over, makes a triangle with the floor and wall but doesn’t fall completely to the floor and crush the little robot.

Socks are also really yummy for the guy too. I can’t leave a single one on the floor without filling up his tiny little bin.

He head butts every object and heaven forbid you sit with your feet on the floor. They will end up sore and battered after the cleaning run. If your chair moved at any point in his cleaning, you’ll spend a good chunk of the run with him, not so gently, bumping your chair.

All that said, I love the little fucker. Husband got him to keep our place clean before I got out of the hospital, since I was REALLY sensitive to dust and smells after being in the SUPER clean hospital environment.

The sucker at work

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