A Year Smoke Free 

I quit in THE worst way possible. But I quit…

It was an easy adjustment, at first. Its really simple to not smoke when you still are having a hard time breathing. But as I healed and had less trouble with life in general, the habits I had when I was a smoker were annoying.

I actually miss some parts of being a smoker – the chats with the other smokers which sometimes were extremely productive or the having an extra 5 minutes alone when you needed it

I used to get up and walk around every hour or so to go smoke. Now, because I don’t have the craving or urge, I sometimes will sit for hours without moving and that makes me stiff and sore. After dinner, I still feel like I need to do something, like I forgot a task.

Its been a while and I’m adjusting but I never thought not smoking would be so easy and difficult at the same time.

Have you quit? How hard was it for you?

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