Fallout Vault Door

First sale on Etsy!

So just to show how nerdy we really are, the husband and I have an Etsy shop for gaming products. It only has one product so far. It’s a vault door meant to be a stage for you pop vinyls or you can decorate a terrarium with it.

Hubs modeled the Vault in 3d, milled the piece and made the mold. A friend of ours paints the rust and I manage the store and promotional feed.

vault door and pops - Fallout

Check out the Vault Dealer Etsy Store!

Our first sale was a custom piece and I’m super stoked!

card and dog collar

Topanga Creek OutPost

I love the guys at Topanga Creek Outpost. Husband and I have been shopping with them for almost a decade, since he bought his first bike for Los Angeles. They moved out to Topanga Canyon from Hollywood several years ago and have really made the shop an AWESOME place to hang out with other cyclists.  

(side note:  WOW! I’ve been biking in LA for almost TEN YEARS! WOW!)

They recently started making and selling rugged leather goods at the Outpost and I’m seriously in love with them. These dog collars are not helping with my really serious puppy obsession!

The guys at TCO seem to be having fun with the new “Rogue Journeymen” brand they created. The owner of the outpost, Chris Kelly, has really got his creative mojo going here. Their products are rugged and genuine to the team at TCO.