Moofia! Tokidoki + Fred 62

Breakfast this weekend turned from trying a new place to happy, happy land when we arrived at Fred 62. They were overtaken by Tokidoki!! The food was really great but the service a little slow. We will definitely be going back for munching later, though.

It was a very Japanese style pop up restaurant with a Tokidoki set menu and swag for purchase.

I got a blind box toy and a t-shirt. Let’s just say, “breakfast was extra pricey today.” The t-shirt was $20 and the blind box toy, $8.

I also got a Fred 62 + Tokodoki sticker





Green Cat

Learning to Airbrush

My husband and I embarked upon a project to learn how to collaborate creatively. We started building and painting a large scale model of the Neo Zeong from one of the Gundam TV series. I hopped right in and started painting – I’ve been sharing pics along the way on Instagram. With my new found skills and some nudging from the Mr., I decided to take on a smaller scale project. I ran across this guy while at the Dick Blick art supply store near us:

I’m not a huge fan of this particular green and almost didn’t buy it. As I was humming and hawing over the purchase, Husband leaned over and said, “you could paint it.” And lightbulbs went off… I have a TON of pink airbrushable paint from a project I never finished. So, once we got it home it was a matter of figuring out the material which proved to be quite easy. At first, we thought it was polystone but nope! The cat is plastic! Once we figured out the composition, there are a ton of ways to peel the paint. Husband has some paint stripper for clearing off plastic car parts, which worked like a charm. Bubbling off the paint:

After one coat:

The paint stripped off nicely after a few coats of stripper and I was able to primer the kitty with some Mr. Surfacer.

The airbrush took about 5 refills to get the cat covered but it’s nicely coated.

I put in a few more details with a Gundam Marker to make the M pop.

Quotes on Art

I made several quote images with various artist’s thoughts on creativity. You are welcome to use them. They are formatted for twitter, specifically but you can use them anywhere.


Side note – this post was originally posted via wordpress scheduling on a separate blog, while I was in the hospital…I’m reposting here because I like the content.




3D Printing – Do It Yourself Jewelry

The Mr. is a long time Product Designer and artist so we have a TON of equipment for making things in various ways. One of those is a FormLabs 3D printer.

I sort of suck at 3D creation tools – despite my previous history as a sculptor (way back in college) – so I had the Mr. recreate one of my hand drawn designs in AutoDesk Inventor. BEHOLD:

I know – it’s a really simple shape but I could not get it out of my head. I’d been drawing similar shapes in my sketch book over and over – I realized after I perused a few of my old notebooks.

The shape alone would not be wearable so I had to come up with a way to wear it. I decide to make a necklace out of the shape. There were 2 versions. Version one with large chain:

Version 2 on a smaller chain:

I like the look of the smaller chain better but it still needs something…. I can’t decide what to add.

What do you think?

Prinfab: A new contender for print on demand fabric

I’ve been using spoonflower since their very early days and I have never had a problem with their service. They run regular contests and a very informative blog. But while searching for content for the Fabric_Lover twitter feed, I found PrinFab.

PrinFab is located in the UK – but they seem to have users from all over the world. I was able to switch their pricing display to US dollars. At which point, their prices seemed much more reasonable 🙂

I signed up for an account just to poke around. Their Dashboard seems pretty simple:

I may give them a try. They report to have a quick turnaround on printing but shipping time may wipe that out. They also have a smaller user base, so I thought having an account here as well might make a user’s work stand out a little more than it does in the very crowded market place that is Spoonflower.

Check out a few of the designers:

Have you tried them? Let me know what you think in the comments!


dragon scales

Fabric Nerdy too

I’ve always collected fabric, even before I could sew. I love the patterns and the way it drapes, so so pretty. So a long time ago, I decided I give a try to pattern design. Now whenever the bug hits me, I have a place to feature and print them. I use spoonflower, though I think many of my designs would look better hand printed. Below are some of my favorites in BLUE:

poppy abstract - blue

Retro Snow Flakes - Baby Blue

Dragon Scales - Blue

Dotted Hexagon - Blue

and oddly enough, this one is my best seller:


I also have some of the same designs on Zazzle – if you want a pattern on a thing, let me know and I’ll post for you.

And I also tweet out fabulous indie designer patterns here:

I get a designer’s commission on all material sold via spoonflower and finished goods on Zazzle.


you are my sunshine

Adobe Spark

Adobe has a new desktop design tool for all of the social media people out there. It’s called Spark – and it is super simple to work with. I’ve had to make social graphics on the fly and sometimes it is a hassle with PhotoShop to get everything assembled and the correct size. I was using Canva for awhile but since the new gig, I haven’t had a reason make social graphics yet.

The app is free but with a Creative Cloud account you can remove the Adobe Spark branding that’s afixed to the images and other output. You can log in with Facebook or Twitter to use the app instead of an Adobe Cloud account. You’ll see this if you try to remove their brand…

paid account messaging with spark

I like that the web app presents you with a few options and you can narrow to the specific platform from there.

This app also allows you to create parallax scrolling web pages and videos for posting as well. I haven’t tried the video or web page features yet, but will update this post if I do.

spark creation options

You start your social posts with a saying:

spark add text to post

Choose an image & theme:

choose theme and image in spark

and post!!

There are a ton of options to customize the graphic with:












After fooling around with all the options, here’s what I finalized on:

shine from within

You can find the image to share on the Adobe Spark Site.

Below is the first image I tried

you are my sunshine

Be forewarned – I changed this to a header graphic online from an Instagram post and the setting for the Instagram image didn’t stick – I had to reset a lot of the parameters to redo it. I couldn’t get the same exact settings again but you can see the latest version on the Adobe Spark Site.



Fallout Universe

This article contains affiliate links to Amazon 🙂

I really like the Fallout universe  – my husband has played every version of the game while I watched. The stories are great and the characters are really engaging. Fallout 4 was the first one I played myself and thought it was a great game. I wasn’t too happy with the end but I won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t played.

Every game is a gritty, post-apocalyptic world where the survivors of nuclear war are either naive “Vault Dwellers” (the main character of every game) or “Wasteland Wanders” (the people you have to figure out). Each game is set someplace different in the United States and it’s interesting to see how the setting effects the story. The teams working on the games created some really ingenious tools & weapons go along with their compelling stories.

There is a ton of cool Fallout themed gear available if you really like the world created for the games. I think my favorite is the Art of Fallout 4 book. It includes some AMAZING artwork and more detailed views of the objects in game. A very close second in the “favorite gear” category are the Funko Pop! Vinyl figures. I have the Dogmeat figure as well as the male & female wanderers. SO CUTE!

One of the factions from Fallout 3 or New Vegas (I can’t remember) is the New California Republic. It’s a pretty funny spin the teasing name I heard from my conservative friends back in the South: “the People’s Republic of California” They even had a flag. Husband even designed his own take on their logo:

I don’t remember there being much for the previous games as merchandise has really been taken up a few notches in the last few years.



Antique Hankies

My husband’s grandmother was a very crafty lady. She recreated custom clothing for my mother in law, crocheted, knitted, and sewed like most women born before 1900. My MIL inherited many of her creations and trinkets that were then passed down to me. I also crochet, knit and sew even though I was born many more years into the 1900’s.

A few weeks ago, I ran across this box:

Filled with handkerchiefs that belonged to both my mother in law and her mother. The stitching and printed designs are lovely so I thought I’d share a few.

I’d love to find out more about where the box was made since the etching/staining is so well done but I can’t find much online about them.

Street Art – Angel City Brewery

The Angel City Brewery in Downtown is great place to spot street art. The whole building is covered and it evolves every day. A while back, I went on a photo safari to take in all the art. I’ll add in as many of the artists as I can but have a look:

And my absolute favorite:

Get on over there to see the newest pieces.