Green Cat

Learning to Airbrush

My husband and I embarked upon a project to learn how to collaborate creatively. We started building and painting a large scale model of the Neo Zeong from one of the Gundam TV series. I hopped right in and started painting – I’ve been sharing pics along the way on Instagram. With my new found skills and some nudging from the Mr., I decided to take on a smaller scale project. I ran across this guy while at the Dick Blick art supply store near us:

I’m not a huge fan of this particular green and almost didn’t buy it. As I was humming and hawing over the purchase, Husband leaned over and said, “you could paint it.” And lightbulbs went off… I have a TON of pink airbrushable paint from a project I never finished. So, once we got it home it was a matter of figuring out the material which proved to be quite easy. At first, we thought it was polystone but nope! The cat is plastic! Once we figured out the composition, there are a ton of ways to peel the paint. Husband has some paint stripper for clearing off plastic car parts, which worked like a charm. Bubbling off the paint:

After one coat:

The paint stripped off nicely after a few coats of stripper and I was able to primer the kitty with some Mr. Surfacer.

The airbrush took about 5 refills to get the cat covered but it’s nicely coated.

I put in a few more details with a Gundam Marker to make the M pop.

Quotes on Art

I made several quote images with various artist’s thoughts on creativity. You are welcome to use them. They are formatted for twitter, specifically but you can use them anywhere.


Side note – this post was originally posted via wordpress scheduling on a separate blog, while I was in the hospital…I’m reposting here because I like the content.




Street Art – Angel City Brewery

The Angel City Brewery in Downtown is great place to spot street art. The whole building is covered and it evolves every day. A while back, I went on a photo safari to take in all the art. I’ll add in as many of the artists as I can but have a look:

And my absolute favorite:

Get on over there to see the newest pieces.

cache dtla parking lot

Cache – street art

I’ve written many times about my love of chicken art on other sites but my local LA favorite is Cache. His work never fails to make me smile so I thought I’d share a few of my recent favorites.