MAC shadow palette

MAC Attack! I fixed my make up

One of the many things I’ve done to get things back to normal is sort my skin care and make up regimen. Skin care I’ll talk about later, I wanted to talk about my insanely awesome experience with MAC cosmetics.

Before I got sick, I was in rut. I had barely changed my make up since I moved to California (or maybe even before that). Super Boring!! You can see one of my last photos from before my illness in other places on this site.

So a few months ago, I decided to go all out and do a complete update. I’ve used some MAC products before (powder, eyeliner and mascara) but never had a full make over.

WOW! It was a GREAT experience and I HIGHLY recommend it!

I scheduled an appointment at a location with a private room for the makeup lessons (because I knew I’d need to take my wig off). I specifically requested that they do a “how to” so I could refresh my look with, not only new colors but techniques as well. The lady I worked with at the Beverly Hills location was AMAZING! (shout out to Koah!)

The whole thing was a big ding on my pocket book but I planned ahead, knowing that if I was going to update my whole look, I was going to spend a lot.

The appointment itself cost $90 for a 90 minute lesson. I had the “MAKEUP LESSON IN 90 MINUTES” session but I ended up there for over 2 hours, my make up artist and I were having so much fun and I booked at the end of the day.

You get a discount on the products you buy after the session so…

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Yeah – I kinda went a little nuts.

Here I am post make over, in a “night” look:

Final Night Look
Image (c) L.M.Lloyd

aside from the base make up products, I splurged on a whole new set of eye shadow colors:

MAC shadow palette

The top center color is more black, and less purple, in real life. The shades are so pretty in person. The bottom row gets a major workout for my “work” look and after a few months, the bottom right is pretty close to being used up, since it’s the primary color I use.

My make up lesson was so thorough that the next day, I had no trouble getting my make up done. It took some time because I wasn’t used to the techniques, but I’ve whittled that time down significantly in the last few months.  Check it out:

first attempt at MAC technique

Have you ever tried their classes?